L-Originale® Gioielli di Balsamico

L-Originale® Gioielli di Balsamico
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Let yourself be tempted by a unique sensory experience.

Gioielli di Balsamico are little black pearls of soft consistency encasing the best Balsamic Condiment, preserving its taste and concentrating its aromas and fragrances in a warm, harmonious symphony of flavours.

Similar in appearance to caviar, Gioielli di Balsamico are little droplets of pleasure, a slow eruption of unforgettable memories for your palate.

Strong and elegant in their impact, the perfect enhancement for highclass cuisine. Gioielli di Balsamico L-Originale are an innovative way of presenting a classic, typical Italian product. They'll add flavour and character into meat and fish dishes, finger foods, starters, vegetable or fruit salads, icecream, creamy puddings and confectionery.

A precious, modern and refined way to propose the essence of our tradition and culture.

Net weigtht: 50 g.  

For further informations about the product, please check the data sheet.

The original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 


INGREDIENTS: Cooked grape must; wine vinegar; tickener: cellulose rubber, calcium chloride, arginato di sodio.

TMC: Product's life: 15 months. Expired date as indicate on the product label

STORAGE: Store at room temperature - Once opened store at 4° 

OGM: Free from OGM material in accordance with Regulation CE 1829/2003 e 1830/2003 e s.m.i.

ALLERGENS: The product contains Sulphites in accordance with European Directive 2003/89/EC e 2006/142

ORIGIN: Modena - Italy


APPARENCE: Solid, shiny, nicely thick.

COLOR: Shiny intense brown with gold and red reflections.

SMELL: Sweet-and-sour well balanced, intense and dedicate with fruit and woody hints

TASTE: Liquid, shiny, nicely thick. Liquid, shiny, nicely thick.

For further informations about the product, please check the data sheet