In today’s market one can find a huge number of different products labelled “Aceto Balsamico”, which ranges in price from a few cents to thousands of euros for a single bottle.

One may ask: why is there such a big price difference?

The wide price range is mainly determined by the quality of the final product, ingredients used to make the final product AND the aging process -knowledge that is well known by the passionate connoisseurs.

L-Originale® ONLY selects the real and original Aceto Balsamico di Modena, i.e., it omits low-priced vinegars and condiments as they don’t meet the high standards that the natives of Modena are accustomed.

We, at L-Originale®, are not producers but selectors.
We have been living in this territory for decades. This allows us to get to know the producers and their reputations, as well as visit the numerous vinegar lofts deemed necessary to encounter the right items. We only select those producers who believe in our project, who share our passion and dedication for greatness in a high quality product that meet our sophisticated standards to be labelled L-Originale.

As natives of Modena, our main goal is to share with the world the real Aceto Balsamico -the one that our grandmothers taught us from childhood- which includes recognizing and appreciating the different varieties among the thousands found on the market.

Our range of products is the result of a careful and meticulous selection of the best Aceto Balsamico of the Modena territory, which by the way is the birthplace of this precious black gold.

Our strength lies in our local culture and we only choose Aceti Balsamici produced with the specific ingredients generated from artisanal procedures complying with the Disciplinary Production Rules. These Aceti Balsamici are P.G.I and P.D.O, aged for decades in wooden barrels as our traditions demand.

Because our clients represents a niche of real connoisseurs who are extremely careful about the quality and uniqueness of the product, all of our assortment is enriched by an elegant, glamour and exclusive packaging because we think that this excellent product deserves “the best attire”, especially since our items are often chosen as a gift to friends, family and clients for special occasions, such as weddings, gala dinners or Christmas bonuses.

An ongoing selection made by L-Originale® with an obsessive attention to detail, offers you only the best, day by day.

A unique sensory experience.

A burst of spontaneous joy that rushes onto the palate like a tsunami, highlights a sublime Italian flavour. Timeless recipes and traditions are passed from one generation to another to create this precious condiment, which is an unrivalled protagonist of memorable dishes.

Essential for us is knowing how to advise our clients for the best suitable Aceto product to meet their needs: simplicity or refinement but no compromises on the supreme quality of our product.

Nobody will ever forget this extraordinary drop!

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